(review) Vritrahn – Werwolf – Vritrahn – Werwolf (Werewolf Records)


This opus is a result of collaboration between two known entities from Finnish underground scene, namely Vritrahn (Infernal Darkness, White Death…) and Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster, Orlok, Infernal Darkness…) This opus provides 9 songs of relentless fast in your face black metal, crushing everything in its path. But, there are many thrash and eighties inspired speed metal influences in some song parts and of course melancholic melodies only Finnish black metal bands can give to us. Lyrics are in English and deal with misantrophy, Satanism, blasphemy and similar themes that we are so fond of. My personal favorites are Silver Aurora, Blasphemous Metal and Crucifucked(S.S.).


(review) Aussicthslos – Vollig Aussichtslos


Austria has such great many names in extreme/black metal scene with Summoning, Abigor, Belphegor, Dornenreich coming to mind immediately. Aussichtslos has been in the scene since 2014 and this is their new record. The band name means futile or hopeless in German. There are six songs on this opus. Music of Aussichtslos is melodic epic black metal with lots of aggression, yet also many great guitar hooks and melodies bringing out all the anguish, darkness and grandeur of black metal. There are some blast beats and hyperspeed on this one, but main strenght of this entity lies in creating mid tempo and rich tempo changing atmosphere of hopelessness, apocalypse, yet aural pleasure for us blackened hearts and creatures that dwell in black metal emotions. For me, personal highlights on this record are Des Sommers Tod being true anthem and also Gefallen. Great album!


(review) Amongst the Moonlight – A Journey Through Darkness


The debut album of Amongst The Moonlight is out for couple of weeks and it was about time that I have a listen and check it out. American black metal scene is alive with many bands and entities releasing awesome records and this is one mighty debut from this Washington based band which I never heard prior to this record.

This one contains 10 songs. The music of Amongst The Moonlight can be described as a successful mixture of raw and melodic black metal, retaining the atmosphere of almost thick, touchable darkness and excursions into symphonic black metal in the song structures. Blast beats and aggressive parts are traded with more calm, atmospheric synth backed parts and the vocals are great, done just the way they should be for this kind of black metal, neither too extreme, nor too over the top. One of the reasons I love black metal is that this is the most emotional music ever made, with strong underground ethos and diy principles more than punk scene has and ever will have. I love the melancholic and eerie melody of the title song and I love how this band managed to find perfect balance between old school of European black metal, yet somehow retaining their own vision of darkness the way it should be. Recommended songs: A Journey Through Darkness, Riders Of The Dark, Betrayer And The Nameless.



(review) UADA-Djinn


Fantastic, brutal, bombastic, grandiose, epic, those are only couple of words to describe the new UADA record. This one is just absolutely perfect in any sense and for sure one of the best records in extreme music that I have listened to this year.

This one contains 6 songs of epic melodic black death metal. But, do not worry, the songs are pretty long, but they do not get boring in any way. So much epic riffs, changes in mood and atmosphere, from aggressive blast beats to almost sludgy parts topped with some of the most epic melodic black metal riffs that I have listened to since Dissection ended. Technically superb, musically with flawless songwriting and with great vocals, whether screeched black metal voice, deathlike growl or clean whispering and speaking. One of my favorites is almost the longest song on the record being No Place Here with great atmospheric use of vintage Vincent Price part from Masque Of Red Death movie. Also, almost punkish title song and epic Between Two Worlds are my personal favorites on this fantastic record!


(review) Wayfarer-A Romance With Violence (Profound Lore Records)


Denver, Colorado´s Wayfarer are one of the best bands American black metal scene has to offer nowadays. They just released new record with Profound Lore Records.

This record contains 7 songs one of them being intro (The Curtain Pulls Back). The music of Wayfarer can be described as melodic and epic black metal with fantastic guitar riffs, long songs and bombastic songwriting. Thematically and lyrically the band is even more interesting, because the story of the album evolves around the wild west and western theme. The atmosphere of the music managed to catch the open vast space, bleakness, ferociousness and emotions of the settlers and all the different hardships people who lived there back then had to endure. For me the best part of the record is two parted Gallows Frontier, divided into The Crimson Rider and The Iron Horse, the latter being so epic and melodic at the same time and mixture of screeched and grunted vocals adding to the overall rolling, almost doomy rolling of the drums. The musicianship is otherworldly and the production of the record is majestic. The blast beats are there where they should be, with almost nerve wrecking parts later only coming back to epic passages. Other song that stands out for me on this one is Masquerade Of The Gunslingers, long, but so good. This is a great record.



(review) Dwarrowdelf – Evenstar (Northern Silence Productions)


Dwarrowdelf is a one-man studio project from Southampton, UK, walking the utterly untrodden path of Tolkien-based epic metal. This is the description taken from the official page. But, this band is so much more than this.

This new record offers 7 epic songs of melody, anguish, heroism, wonder and darkness. Long time passed since I have listened to something so heavy and aggressive, yet at the same time melancholic and sad, but fantastic. The moors and meadows of UK and the steel grey sky there is for certain an inspiration for such awesome music and I can only imagine the hard work input in this record.

Guitar work in the song structures is so nice, aggression of black metal and unique drama and emotions behind it mix with epic fantasy, with synth underlines which only add to the dramatic overall grandeur. Vocals perfectly add to the momentum with black metal screeching changing into clean sung parts sounding otherworldly and ethereal at times. Epic songs like Estel which rolls almost doom like slow but steady through sonic fields of darkness and light. Undomiel is one of my personal favorites on this record with guitar melody and songwriting that made me listen to it and staying in my head for countless days. For the Kingdom I Shall Claim and In Pursuit of Ghosts are two other personal favorites of mine on this record. Fantastic!


(review) Vampirska – Torturous Omens of Blood and Candlewax


Little or almost nothing is known of entity called Vampirska. Some say this music entity is hailing from United States. Who would know? But, this record is here and available for all fans of raw black metal, played and done in an old school way, reminding me of early Ulver, with melodic, melancholic, emotional guitar work, blasting drums, raw production and more rawer screaming vocals, yet retaining the dose of melodic black metal which we love so much and which shows emotions like it should. Without mercy, utter despair, but also apocalyptic, aggressive and depressive at the same time. By the way, do aggression and depression walk hand in hand? Yes, believe me, they do! These 6 longer songs are just the right soundtrack for Friday afternoon under a steel gray northern sky. Recommended songs: the title song, A Nocturnal Incantation of Undying.



(review) …and Oceans-Cosmic World Mother(Season of Mist)


Finnish legends …and Oceans are back with a brand new full length that came out couple of months ago with Season of Mist. The band had some line-up changes again, with Mathias from Finntroll taking over the vocal duties and he has done a really fine job on this record. The new one features 11 songs and what immediately struck me, that the band somehow got away from industrial metal on this one, delivering in your face straightforward aggressive melodic black metal thus returning to their earlier symphonic black metal days. Hitters like The Dissolution of Mind and Matter, also Vigilance and Atrophy will satisfy any melodic bm fan out there with blastbeats, atmospheric parts and epic melodies. Five of Swords and the title track are also absolute highlights of the album, although the whole material is fantastic, energetic and fresh sounding, for sure one of the candidates for black metal album of the year!




Empyrean Fire released Corruption, black metal sonic attack, from their upcoming album!

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From the alluring forests of the Pacific Northwest comes Portland’s only active symphonic black metal band , Empyrean Fire .  Drawing influence from both modern black metal as well as classic Scandinavian bands, Empyrean Fire has manifested a lush symphonic opus with the shadow of the cascadian sound not far behind.  Bombastic melodies soar over cinematic soundscapes as dominating vocals tear through each track and burst through the veil.  Dazzling structural details burrow into the subconscious as the dizzying depth of all the layers present on this release demand another listen.  The concept behind Empyrean Fire was ruminated upon for years by front woman, Tricia Myers , after reading Milton’s  “ Paradise Lost ” and “ Paradise Regained .”   “ Corruption ” is the third chapter from the anticipated album, entitled “ Deliverance ,” which is planned for release this winter.  The album is a sinister take on Milton’s work, reshaping it with harrowing twists and malevolent revelations, each chapter a battle in the dragon’s ascent to gain command over Hell on Earth.  Will you bow down in battle, sunken before the spear?

Check out this video for “ Corruption ” produced by Jason Aaron Wood !

(review) Ardente-Citadelle des Brumes(Secret Corridor)


I don`t know much about Ardente except that this music entity comes from France and it is a part of Secret Corridor records dungeon. What first came to ear and mind upon listening was that there are no vocals on this record, meaning this is instrumental black metal. It is divided into eight chapters, first being intro. What second came to mind was delight on what I was hearing. This music is so good, it takes me back to the nineties and days of good old black metal. This songs are fast, old school black metal with so much epic and melancholic melodies that many song parts just made goosebumps upon my skin, and watering my black heart and my eyes with delight and thinking how much I love such music. There are also some almost dungeon synth parts like in epic V-Esprit Errant…miniature which serves as atmospheric intermezzo between the maelstorm. Some of the songs are longer in duration, almost ritualistic in repetition of some key riffs, but the album doesn´t get boring in any way possible. This one is a keeper.