(book review) Dayal Patterson – Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One


Here is the second installment of Dayal Patterson´s black metal series. This book marks the spot where Dayal went to self release and he founded a little label for his books, some merch and music. His long time experience as metal fan made interviews in his books interesting, his introductions and background stories mandatory and intense read and I read this second book in couple of days. The book starts with return to Norway and features interesting interviews with Satyricon and some of Satyr´s words were really hard to swallow in my opinion because I do not agree with him. Also Kampfar, Solefald, Wardruna and Kampfar are couple of great stories and interviews from Norwegian scene in first third of this book. Second part is dedicated to Polish black metal scene with Xantotol, Mastiphal, Mgla, Kriegsmachine, Arkona leading the way. Third and most interesting part for me was story and interviews about depressive suicidal black metal scene with Bethlehem being by far the best story and interview in this book, I just couldn´t believe some of the stuff I was reading. This is great book. Go get it and read it!

(book review) Dayal Patterson – Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult


This is one of my all time favorite books. Dayal Patterson is a long time metal devotee and scene active fellow, writing zines, being part of Metal Hammer crew and getting to investigate lots of things about his favorite metal genre, namely black metal. This book is an in depth story about black metal from its beginnings with old school first wave Venom, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer across Norwegian early nineties black metal story with Mayhem, Burzum, Gorgoroth and others to more modern post black metal bands like Alcest and meanwhile going around the world and delivering stories of Swedish, US, Greek and other black metal bands we all so love. I read this book for three times now and it never gets boring, every time I find some information and story I did not catch last time. Superb!


(movie review) The Final Stand (2020)

Russian cinematography still makes many war movies, most of them thematically tied to WWII and all the sacrifice Russian people endured to defeat fascism. There are couple of bad ones, but most of them are really good movies, like this one. In the Autumn of 1941 German forces destroy everything in their path and run like merciless killing machine to the heart of Russia, Moscow. Key factor until reinforcements arrive is time. All that stands in the way of Germans are inexperienced cadets of Red Army school for artillery and infantry and 3500 of those boys must form the line and endure at least five days until help arrives. This one is based on true events and like all Russian movies, characters are bigger than life, you feel sorry for them no matter how cheesy parts of the screenplay are written, they find their way to your heart while watching the movie. Action scenes are many and nicely done. From aerial attacks, anti tank vs Panzers action to good old infantry shooting and final stands. If you love war movies I heartily recommend this one. Good acting, nicely done, action packed. Good movie.


(movie review) Coming 2 America (2021)

I was very surprised when I saw that Eddie Murphy is releasing sequel to his hit from back when I was a kid and watched it at the movies and have fond memories of original movie. In this sequel prince Akeem becomes king when his father dies and learns that he has a bastard son in Queens, from thirty years ago. So, he embarks on a journey to find the heir to the kingdom before it is too late… There are mixed reviews from critics and fans, but to me this one was fun to watch and it entertained me and that is I think the main purpose of this movie. You don´t need to seek inner wisdom with this one, it is only made to entertain you and make you feel laughing and good. I love when Eddie Murphy plays more roles of different characters, I love toilet humor and Arsenio Hall and Wesley Snipes were also great in this movie. The only thing that made me sad is death and funeral of Akeem´s father, played by James Earl Jones, because it only reminded me that he sadly passed away recently. Good movie.


(movie review) Voces (2020)


I love Spanish horror movies. They have been my favorites in the European horror scene for a long time now. This one was no exception. Married couple, Daniel and Sara move with their boy son Eric to an old house because they renovate houses and then sell them. But, Eric has problems because he claims to hear evil voices talking to him all the time. Psychiatrist which tries to help him dies a terrible death not long afterwards. Strange things begin to happen in the house until little Eric also dies, then everything goes wrong. This one is a great combination of a haunted house, witchcraft and drama. It is a cross between Hereditary, Conjuring and Insidious having a twist in the end. Actors are fine, story too, there are couple of really fantastic jump scare tactics and it is nothing new, original or unseen but this is a proof how you can still make a decent horror with what you got in the store hehe. The movie is not bloody per se although there are couple of bloody scenes that will satisfy gore fiends out there. Good one.


(movie review) Red Dog (2017)

I love watching war movies since I was a kid growing up with all that Yugoslavian partisan westerns full of pathetic and heroes larger than life itself. That love still remained in me till this day and I am grateful that mainly Russia, but also other ex USSR countries make many war movies with WWII being theme of the story. Many of them are great, unfortunately this one is not the case. This one is a story about platoon of canine soldiers whose dogs blew themselves and German panzers up to kingdom come. Reason enough for pathetic and grandeur isn´t it? Yes and no. Characters in this movie, as actors too are too wooden and there is absolutely no chemistry between our main character Slava and his love triangle between his fiance Nina and ex girlfriend, daughter of ruthless NKVD general Tatyana. The only good thing in the movie is the dog, Prince but dog´s minutes on the screen are too few and too in between. Besides bad story and acting, one other problem is action. War movies usually have action besides drama and we love them for that. This one has marketing on imdb like action packed movie, but there is no word from action besides little at the beginning and a little in the end, having bad cgi and unnecessary slow motion scenes. Unfortunately this is a bad movie. This is one more proof that imdb review is not measure whether the movie is good or not. It lies in the perspective of us as viewers and our personal tastes, the way it should be.


(movie review) DeepStar Six(1989)

Sean S. Cunnigham is known to legions of horror movie maniacs as the man who stands behind one of the most legendary horror franchises in the scene, being Friday The 13th movies. He directed this one and it carried the tagline not all aliens come from space. Neat isn´t it? I watched this one for the second time in my life and all I can say is that it withstood the test of time and it is still intense, action packed, although sometimes generic under ocean horror. Story is classic, group of miners in an underwater base accidentally release monster from its sleep in the cave when they drill for some unnamed corporation in an under ocean operation. One by one they start to die and try to escape and fight for their lives. Although there are some stupid behaviors by our main characters, the movie is enough action packed and intense that held my eyes on the screen not yawning or trying to find out how much is left till the end. Acting is fine and I always loved the late Miguel Ferrer, his character Snyder is so horrible and gross, but at the same time you feel pity towards him and can´t be angry with him. Such forgotten and underrated actor in my opinion. Ending is good, monster is done okay, gore effects are few but decent, so it is a really fine adventure horror.


(movie review) Dracula:Prince of Darkness(1966)

I love Hammer Horror movies. So many good releases, so much drama, intensity and legendary actors and horror icons were present in this British company´s releases. Hammer resurrected in modern times, but their new releases, although good are not so great as the old school Hammer movies. One of their best and most famous was Dracula franchise starring legendary Sir Christopher Lee as the immortal vampire count. This one is a direct sequel to Horror of Dracula, first movie of the franchise from 1958. Although there is no Peter Cushing in the role of Van Helsing there is a brief reminder of the first movie when this one begins. Dracula is now dead and ashes, but remains in castle waiting for time to be resurrected. Two British couples are traveling through Transylvania and take no heed of locals when they warn them not to go near the castle. Dracula´s faithful diabolical servant Klove, played by excellent and wicked Philip Latham takes them to the castle and resurrects the master and survivors try to escape and find Father Sandor(awesome Andrew Keir) who can help them and destroy Dracula and his minions. This is in my opinion one of the best in the franchise, being tense, having great story and ending, also the atmosphere is fantastic. I had this one at home in the form of pocketbook paperback somewhere I must find it, hope it did not get lost while I was moving from one living place to the other. Go see this one.


(movie review) Dirty Dozen: Fatal Mission(1988)

Original Dirty Dozen movie is one of the best war movies ever made and will remain so forever. But, there were couple of sequels made, second with Lee Marvin, and two with Telly Savalas who took over main character of Major Wright although he will always be remembered as maniacal Maggot in the first movie, his character having absolutely no relations with his later role in two sequels. The one before was very bad, lame but this sequel is a decent piece of action war movie. Our Dirty Dozen this time have a mission of killing and destroying twelve nazi functionaries en route to Istanbul with Orient Express before they can enter Turkish territory and start their mission of re building the fourth reich. This is a co production with Yugoslav Jadran film, so there are some actors from ex Yugoslavia and most of the movie is situated in Yugoslavia, naming Skopje, Niš and Pirot which is interesting for us folks who come from that parts of Balkans. Of course, Tito´s partisans help our heroes in fight against evil Germans. Main villain, SS general Richter is okay done, although being typical caricature nazi villain from war movies. Dirty dozen characters are okay with Erik Estrada and Ernie Hudson leading the way. Good action packed war tv movie.


(movie review) Ator, the Fighting Eagle(1982)

Joe D´Amato (b.1936) is one of the most prolific directors, writers and cinematographers in the movie scene. This one was made when Conan The Barbarian opened the way for hundreds of more cheaper clones to come out in the cinemas around the world, with genre of sword and sorcery becoming very popular with movie maniacs around the world. Joe D´Amato directed and wrote this mischief as David Hills and had Miles O´Keeffe starring as Ator, warrior for whom ancient prophecy says that will bring down evil Kingdom of Spiders, Black Knights(haha) and evil king. This madness was fun to watch although it was very bad. Ator was adopted by the family because his real parents were murdered by evil king and his troops. He wanted to marry his half sister Sunya, she did not, but parents told them they are not real siblings, so Ator and Sunya were marrying when evil troops attacked the village, killed everyone, knocked Ator out and kidnapped Sunya. Then, as all similar fantasies go, Ator had to travel, fight, with help of his little baby bear(true!!!) and his Amazon friend Roon carrying Shield of Mordor because only that shield can defeat evil. This one was real thrash jewel of madness,especially final fight with giant evil spider and Ator looks like he is stupid or drugged all the time. Dialogs are pure gold, just made to make your day while you laugh and disbelief what you just watched. But, this movie made me nostalgic. Why? Because I remember now defunct cinema from my childhood which used to play such movies, Mad Max clones and kung fu movies, so it was a trip down the memory lane for me.