(review) Setoml-Reincarnation


I don˙t know much about Setoml, only that they are hailing from Kiev, Ukraine and that they have two entities in the band. As it seems, this is their first full length album.

There are eight songs on this album and the music of Setoml is melodic black metal with many transgressions between slower more atmospheric parts and fast black metal trademark blastbeats with everything sounding enough aggressive to be appealing to the fans of more faster and brutal side of black metal, but also those ones who love more atmospheric and melodic side of things will love this record. Although I have English titles of the songs, I think the lyrics are being sung in their native language if I am not mistaken. The songs are neither too long nor too short to become boring and there are no filler songs on the album. Clever use of synths in the background only emphasizes the grandeur and reminds us why we love black metal so much. Recommended songs: In The Cold Eyes, Night Dance.



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